Our whey is guaranteed to be the highest quality and purity of any whey protein powder anywhere. It is sourced from Wisconsin dairy cows that are fed a diet of natural grass and other forage. Hay, haylage, baleage, silage, crop residue without grain, and other roughage sources may be included as feed. They are not fed grain or grain byproducts and have access to pasture throughout the entire grazing season for the Wisconsin region (due to weather/climate the grazing season may not be continuous). Routine mineral and vitamin supplementation may also be included in the feeding regimen. Furthermore, the dairy cows have never been fed or injected with any artificial hormone, steroid, or growth enhancer. We utilize gentle processing methods, pasteurizing the milk only once at 163° F for 15 seconds. Our major selling point is the nutritional value of our whey that comes from doing things the best way in every step of the process.